• April 1. First Entry registration (complete registration form) by Teams for all Nordic Countries. Room reservations will be adjusted accordingly.
  • August 1. Late entries by individuals. Please contact your NPC for more information.
  • All entries, Teams or individuals,  to be submitted by NPC only.

Registration Form

Please download and complete the registration (xslx, 16KB) for each member of your Team.

Indicate your PB for each event you want to participate in. If you want to compete in an new event and have no PB yet, just add X.


Nordic Paraathletics Contacts for different countries
Nordic NPC’s Name Email
NPC Norway Runar Steinstad runar.steinstad@friidrett.no
NPC Sweden Magnus Olsson magnus.olsson@friidrott.se
NPC Denmark Anders Delholm ade@parasport.dk
NPC Finland Mikko Peltonen mikko.peltonen@sul.fi
NPC Iceland Kari Jonsson kari.jonsson1960@gmail.com
NPC Føroyar Tróndur Ravnsfjall trondur@parasport.fo